CCSEZR Holds the 45th Academic Salon for Ph.D. Students in Theoretical Economics


       On June 19, 2019, the 3rd Academic Salon for Ph.D. Students in Theoretical Economics in 2019 (45th in total) was staged by the China Center for Special Economic Zone Research (CCSEZR), Shenzhen University (SZU) in the conference room on the second floor of Shenzhen University Library North. The guest speaker of this salon, Dr. Li Yang, graduated from the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, with her focus of research on the system of green enterprise management and extended producer responsibility (EPR), and currently serves as an associate professor at the School of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. The salon was presided over by Dr. Miao Lu, a teacher at CCSEZR, and attended by graduate and doctoral students from CCSEZR.
       Dr. Li reported her latest research findings in her paper titled “EPR System and Green Development of Automobile Industry”, which explored the impact of EPR system on the green transformation of Chinese automobile industry. She pointed out that the green transformation of Chinese automobile industry was an urgent subject given the evolution of environmental management system of international automobile industry and the new trend of end-of-life automobile recycling in China. Dr. Li introduced the concept, origin, evolution and theoretical foundation of EPR system. She mentioned that circular economy was the core theoretical basis of EPR, which has guided industries to create a circular economy model featuring fully coordinated development arterial and venous industries. She said that the venous industry played a crucial role in the green transformation of automobile industry. Conclusion of international experience and comparison with developed countries disclosed slack management in end-of-year automobile recycling in China, and meanwhile pointed to huge potential of China’s venous industry, which was also proven by theoretical models. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Li analyzed the conditions for implementing end-of-year automobile recycling systems in China and its effect with economy and management EPR policy tools. She also pointed out the shortcomings of China’s motor vehicle liquidation system compared with that of Japan and provided suggestions to overcome these shortcomings.
       The topic of Dr. Li’s lecture is novel and significant. She clearly and systematically explained one of the most vital system innovations in global environment management. In the Q&A session, the attendees raised many questions around heated issues such as green economy, venous industry and end-of-year automobile recycling, and Dr. Li gave detailed answers to all of them. The attendees said the lecture was really informative and gave them plenty great ideas about future research. (Correspondent: Zhang Minglong)
Associate Prof. Li Yang is delivering a brilliant speech.
Dr. Miao Lu presides over the salon.

 A scene at the salon

 A group photo of the attendees at the salon