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Tao Yi Tao, director and professor of China Special Economic Zone Research Center

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Here records the strenuous and brilliant development of China Center for Special Economic Zones Research (CCSEZR), Shenzhen University. Its emergence met the needs for exploring the theories of China’s reform and opening policy and researching on special economic zones (SEZs). In the past 10 years, CCSEZR has been exploring in holding fast its ground and developing in innovating. “Fish evolves to dragon in striving”. Now it is a leading academic center in the research area of SEZs in academia of China. At the same time its uniqueness objectively brings about its academic authority and standing in the research area of SEZs.
The development of the Center is propelled by the increasingly reinforced evolution of China’s social system and is also the natural choice of discipline construction and development in Shenzhen University. The journey it made has witnessed the academic dissemination and succession, the embodiment of thoughts and ideas, the convergence of fruits of exploration and striving, It has obtained maximal benefits from the great wisdom, academic refinement, and lofty character of the predecessors with selflessness, intrepidity, and foresights. At the same time it has cultivated young thinkers with academic deposits. It is now the academic base camp for theoretical economics in Shenzhen University.
CCSEZR assumes not only missions of academic exploration and talents cultivation, but also the responsibilities of collecting historical documents and recording history to improve and perfect the historical record of SEZs development and China’s Reform and Opening-up. The openness of SEZ has vested it with more open visions and convenience of international exchange. The working ideology of CCSEZR is to share the fruits of human knowledge and brilliant thoughts with open ideas and visions. The academic character it advocates and complies with is to be solid and faithful, wiping off fickleness and pursuing truth. The cultivation of creative talents is a prerequisite for academic dissemination and succession. The Center aims to cultivate scholars who boast foresights, visions, and solid theoretical foundation, and to internalize their reverence for and love to science, and their dignity as scholars. In some sense, the recording of historical documents is the foundation of academic research, therefore respecting history, seeking truth, improving and perfecting historical documents is not only missions for historians, but also conscience and responsibilities of scholars. One of the long-term goals of CCSEZR is to build up the international academic information platform with global sharing resources covering the research areas in special economic zones in China and overseas, and promote it to be an important brand of national fundamental literature construction.
To research on the evolution of China’s social system based on the studies of the SEZs, to explore the essence of ‘China Road’ for development based on the studies of China’s social system; to achieve academic strength with the academic solidness, to attain academic prestige with the scholastic integrity. This is our mission.
Here is the sky for free thoughts.