Special Economic Zones and China’s Path


【title】Special Economic Zones and China’s Path 
【author】 TAO Yi-tao(School of Economics; Shenzhen University; Shenzhen; Guangdong; 518060);
【Author Affiliations】 China Center for Special Economic Zone Research
【source】 Journal of Shenzhen University(Humanities & Social Sciences),2010(03) 
【key words】 SEZs; Institutional transition; China’s Path; 
【abstract】"China’s Path" refers to the path of achieving institutional transition and economic development in China by establishing Special Economic Zones(SEZs).As a compulsory institutional arrangement,the establishing of SEZs broke down the general equilibrium which caused general poverty in the traditional system,and made the social reform in non-equilibrium development the optimal choice of path for institutional transition in China’s society.Establishing SEZs opened the way of China’s society to scientific devel...