An Empirical Study of Entire Factor Productivity


【title】 An Empirical Study of Entire Factor Productivity for "Miracles of SEZ"——Based on Shenzhen s Data:1980-2007
【author】 LUO Hai-ping1; TAO Yi-tao2 (1.Research Center for CED; Nanchang University; Nanchang 330047; China; 2.Research Center for SEZ; Shenzhen University; Shenzhen 518060; China);
【Author Affiliations】 China Center for Special Economic Zone Research
【source】 Journal of Hainan Normal University(Social Sciences), 2011(05)  
【key words】special economic zones; Shenzhen; the spirit of reformists; differences in endowments; 
【abstract】Shenzhen and other special economic zones have created the miracle of industrialization,urbanization and modernization worldwide,which result,in theory,from the advantges of relevant policies and of their unique export-oriented geographical location but above all from the function of reformists and their spirit in the transitional period.As is shown by an empirical study based on Shenzhen and other SEZs,the "miracle of SEZs" originates from their institutional innovation and technological progress,whose dif...