Special Economic Zones and China’s Path by Tao Yitao and Lu Zhiguo Listed in 2017 Catalog of the "Two Projects"


     On December 25, China Book International Program (CBI) and the Project for Translation and Publication of Chinese Cultural Works (PTPCCW) (hereinafter referred to as the "Two Projects") announces its 2017 catalog of works to be published abroad in foreign languages. Special Economic Zones and China’s Path co-authored by Tao Yitao and Lu Zhiguo is included in the catalog and will be published in Arabic and distributed by Egypt Sefsafa Publishing House. It is their second work to be published overseas following their first one China's Economic Zones: Design, Implementation and Impact which was published and distributed by Paths International LTD in 2011. This is the second time for the book to gain such honor to become globally available after it was chosen for the Frankfurt Book Fair in France in 2016.

      CBI, co-launched by the State Council Information Office and the former General Administration of Press and Publication in 2006, is an international collaborative project aiming at bringing China's outstanding books and culture to the world. After the PTPCCW was inaugurated in 2009, the Two Projects became the key annual international collaborative projects of the State Council Information Office and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China. Since its implementation, Chinese publishers and a torrent of world-class publishing houses have established in-depth cooperation, which not only effectively improves the quality of the "going-out" books, but also greatly expands the dissemination of Chinese books abroad.

      As a research achievement of a key project (10AJL001) sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation of China, the book Special Economic Zones and China’s Path has taken the scientific research team led by Prof. Tao Yitao, director of the CCSEZR, four years and a half to accomplish. It discusses how China managed to establish special economic zones (SEZs) typified by Shenzhen SEZ, and further enriches the substance and connotations of China's Path in theory and practice in combination with the research on SEZs. The book consists of 11 sections: foreword, introduction, paths to modernization, SEZs and China's Path - theory construction and model interpretation, practices of SEZs and formation of China's Path, theoretical contributions of SEZs to China's Path, institutional contributions of SEZs to China's Path, economic contributions of SEZs to China's Path, cultural contributions of SEZs to China's Path, Chinese Dream and the new mission of SEZs, and afterword, systematically summarizing and explaining the internal relationship between SEZs and China's path.


      In 2017, the Two Projects, strictly following all decisions and arrangement of the central government concerning Chinese culture going out strategy and publications, have reinforced the confidence in the socialism with Chinese characteristics, theories, regimes and culture, and maintained strict criteria for book and content screening, to effectively tell China's story, spread China's voice and describe Chinese characteristics with audience's requirements and preferences for receiving information in mind. The Two Projects have also focused on improving the quality of translation and literature dissemination, and adopting innovative approaches, channels and platforms, to bring more brilliant export-oriented publications to the world, which carry China's spirits, exhibit China's achievements and indicate the common value and pursuit of humans, and to actively promote Chinese culture to go globally and enhance cultural exchange and appreciation. 200 books are selected for the Two Projects this year, but Special Economic Zones and China’s Path is the only one that addresses China's experience in establishing and developing SEZs, which demonstrates the academic standing and scientific research competences of China Center for Special Economic Zone Research (CCSEZR) at Shenzhen University, a key research institute of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education of China.

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