The Engine for the Second Take-off of Shenzhen s Economy


【title】 Multi-level Capital Market:the Engine for the Second Take-off of Shenzhen s Economy
【author】 GUO Mao-jia (China Research Center for Special Economic Zones; Shenzhen Univ.; Shenzhen 518060; China);
【Author Affiliations】 China Center for Special Economic Zone Research
【source】 Shenzhen University Journal(Humanities & Social Sciences), 2008(03)
【key words】multi-level capital market; economic take-off; engine; 
【abstract】It is deniable that the take-off of Shenzhen s economy in the past 30 years is mainly due to the proposition of "the special economic zone". However, nowadays, 30 years later, it would be difficult, if we still relied on the engine of "the special economic zone" to drive the development of her economy forward. Only with the help of the scarce monopolized resources--multi-level capital market, could it be possible to bring unimaginable competitiveness, influence, cohesive force, radiation and impetus to the ...