Studies on China s Special Economic Zones


【title】Studies on China s Special Economic Zones 
【author】Gao Xingmin Center of Special Economic Zones Research of Shenzhen University and supervisor of postgraduate of Political Economy; Geng Lina Chuzhou University in Anhui province; 
【Author Affiliations】 China Center for Special Economic Zone Research
【key words】Shenzhen Pension Insurance Financing Model Allen Condition; 
【abstract】The pension insurance financing model is important part of the pension insurance and it influences directly the capital collection and the payment sustainability. Shenzhen, as the key and leading edge city of reforms, has begun the exploration to the pension insurance system. The model of pension insurance has achieved the transfer from the simple Accounting on the cash basis system to the combination of the former with accumulation pension system. This paper use Allen Condition as the theory analysis tool,...