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Yuan Yiming


Yuan Yiming, PhD, professor, PhD supervisor



Deputy Director of CCSEZR and chief editor of “Journal studies on China’s Special Economic Zones”. He holds also positions of deputy director of Shenzhen Industrial Economics Association, expert of Shenzhen City Government Soft Science Expert Committee, and academic leader of “Economics of Population, Resources & Environmental Economics”, and serves as local consultant of the World Bank.

His main research areas are economic development, industrial organization and policy research. In recent years he has presided 25 research projects including projects for the World Bank, the State Ministry of Education, Shenzhen municipal government.

His main research experiences are the following: in 1989 research on the economic development of scared resources endowments; in 2000 research on the industrial structure in China’s three regions; in 2002 research on industrial development and structural upgrading in Shenzhen SEZ; in 2004 research on the industrial integration and competition in Pearl River Delta region; in 2005 research on sustainable development of energy: an industry development view; in 2006 research on factor mobility, industrial transformation and regional competition capacity enhancement in Pan Pearl River Delta; 2008 research on China’s SEZs and competitive industrial clustering; and 2009 research on water demand with the industrial structure change in Shenzhen SEZ.

He published 9 and participated 8 academic books. “Evolution and reasons for China’s SEZs industrial structure”(2010), “Resource constrains and evolution of industrial structure” (2007), “ The Trade-off and choice of equity and efficiency” (2002), “Property rights, institutions and efficiency” (2001), “Public Sector economics in Taiwan and Hong Kong” (1998), “ Two structures of market economy” (co-author, 1999), “ Research on world SOEs” (2000).

He published over 90 academic papers in domestic and overseas academic journals such as “Journal of New Studies in Economics”, “Nankai Journal of Economic Studies”, “Academic Research Journal”, and “Journal of Overseas Research” (Japan). Quite a number of his papers were quoted by Renmin University Photocopy Press or CSSCI. He is frequently invited to participate in and deliver presentations at international academic events and conferences. He has won 6 academic awards so far.