Prof. Tao Yitao Visits Ning’an and Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement


      On April 25-26, 2021, a delegation headed by Prof. Tao Yitao, visited Ning’an City at the invitation of the Ning’an Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Prof. Tao Yitao is the Director of the China Center for Special Economic Zone Research (CCSEZR), Shenzhen University (SZU), a key research base of humanities and social science under the Ministry of Education, President of the Belt and Road Research Institute of Shenzhen University and also Director-General and President of the Belt and Road Research Institute (Shenzhen) for International Cooperation and Development (BRRI). The delegation members include Meng Lengmei, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Office of Heilongjiang Province People’s Government, Han Zhongxue, Vice-president of BRRI, Zhong Ruoyu, a former member of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE) Party Committee, Vice Principal of SXUFE, and Professor at CCSEZR, Shan Jinghua, Chairman of Yuandesheng Plastic Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Tan Jun, Chairman of Shenzhen Victan Trading Co., Ltd., Hai Ling, President of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Union of the Belt and Road Initiative”, Chairman of Dahaizhihui Culture and Education (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Jiucheng Investment Co., Ltd., Zeng Yongming, Secretary-General of SZU Alumni Association and Chairman of Center of Listing Service for Southern China Enterprises, Hanjun, Assistant to the President of BRRI, and Liu Haolan, Administrative Secretary of CCSEZR.
      The delegation was warmly received by Shen Ao, Secretary of Ning’an Municipal Party Committee, Li Dongjun, Mayor of Ning’an City, Zhang Chao, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Mingxin, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government. Deputy Secretary Zhang Chao and Deputy Mayor Zhang Mingxin accompanied the delegation throughout the visit.
      From April 25 to 26, the delegation visited in succession Ning’an's key cultural relic unit under state protection—Relics of Shangjing (Longquan City) Prefecture of Bohai Kingdom, Volcanic Lava Rice Planting Exhibition Base and Shalan Volcanic Lava Geopark, giving an inspection of the rich tourism and agriculture and other resources of the local area.

Group Photo at the Volcanic Lava Rice Cultivation Exhibition Base
      On the afternoon of April 26, the delegation and Ning'an government held a signing ceremony for the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between BRRI and Ning'an city. Shen Ao, Secretary of Ning’an Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Chao, Deputy Secretary of Ning’an Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Mingxin, Deputy Mayor, and Ning Yu, Head of the Organization Department attended the ceremony. Deputy Mayor Zhang Mingxin, and Prof. Han Zhongxue signed the agreement in the presence of Prof. Tao Yitao, Director Meng Lengmei, Secretary Shen Ao, and Deputy Secretary Zhang Chao.

Deputy Mayor Zhang Mingxin and Deputy Dean Han Zhongxue sign the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Prof. Tao Yitao, Director Meng Lengmei (fourth from the right), Secretary Shen Ao (seventh from the right), Deputy Secretary Zhang Chao (fourth from the left), etc. attended the signing ceremony
      As a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province, Ning'an has geographical advantages as it sits in two national open ports of Suifenhe and Hunchun. The unique location makes it an important economic and technological interaction material distribution center and economic and technological interactions and cooperation in Northeast Asia. Ning’an has abundant tourism resources, including China’s largest volcanic lava barrier lake, Jingbo Lake, and a national crater forest park. Agricultural brands are the icon of the city, as Ning'an is not only the industrial base of Heilongjiang’s high-quality rice, baked tobacco leafs, commodity grains, freshwater fish and vegetables, but also an important base for fruit and vegetable export to Russia.
      This visit will promote the cooperation between CCSEZR, BRRI and Ning'an government in terms of cadre training, talent development, and Special Economic Zone experience sharing, boosting economic growth of Ning'an.